Training Courses

Private and corporate group training is available on request in either our facility or in your home or office. Please contact us for the rates for private instruction. Large group discounts are also available.

Louisiana Concealed Carry Training  (8 Hours - $130)

State of Louisiana approved concealed carry training necessary to receive a concealed carry license. This class provides training in the laws and provisions related to the legal possession of a concealed weapon as well as a practical shooting component to insure weapon competency .

Combat Pistol Level  1, 2 and 3

Progressive handgun training for close quarters combat.

Level  1  (6 hours - $200)

Instruction in the basics of pistol and caliber selection and capabilities, Holster and equipment selection, shooting fundamentals, combat draw techniques, shot placement and basic anatomy, as well as a practical shooting component to reinforce the lessons of the level one course.

Level  2  (6 hours - $200)

Instruction in combat reloading and transitioning from sidearm to rifle, Multiple shooting positions and firing from a covered position, room to room fighting and solo clearing of a structure, team structure entry and clearing tactics.

Combat Rifle Level 1 and 2

Level  1 (6 hours - $200)
Instruction in the basics of rifle and caliber selection and capabilities, CQB versus Long range rifles, equipment selection, optics options and selection, shooting fundamentals,  lone shooter and rifle squad tactics, shot placement and basic anatomy, as well as a practical shooting component to reinforce the lessons of the level one course.

Level  2 (6 hours - $250)
Instruction  in the basics of ammunition ballistics, understanding and use of range-finding devices,  selecting a shooting position and proper cover, organizing and directing an effective rifle patrol, solo engagement of a multiple opponent patrol, urban positioning and target engagement.

Ladies Only Personal Safety / Pistol (5 hours - $175)

Instruction in close quarters firearm use, concealed carry techniques and products, firearm selection,  effective use of chemical sprays and tazers, security practices and awareness of surroundings  training to prevent you from becoming a potential victim inside and outside your home,.

Home Defense Shotgun (5 hours - $200)

Instruction in effective use of a shotgun for home defense, training in weapon selection, capabilities and function, review of available specialty ammunition, basic room entry and clearing techniques.

Combat Knife fighting (6 hours - $200)

Instruction in armed and unarmed knife defense and knife combat techniques, discussion on blade selection and the capabilities and limitations of each, review of varying styles such as Krav Maga, Balisong, Karambit fighting, martial arts and military style fighting, practical hands-on training to reinforce the lessons learned in the class.

Youth Firearm Safety Class (4 hours - $75)

Instruction for youth in firearm safety. This class is intended to teach the knowledge for safe operation for firearms. The course also provides knowledge of the consequences of the misuse of firearms.  Upon completion the student will have a strong understanding of use of firearms and respect of their destructive potential.

Survival Resources (6 hours - $200)

This is an open forum class to provide the basics in training for survival of a large scale natural disaster, civil unrest, nuclear or biological incident. The class is intended to teach the student where to find the proper knowledge and skills to survive such an event. Students will learn how to prioritize and prepare for an event as well as learn the tactical planning skills to effectively flee or fortify a location. Students will also receive an electronic copy (Thumb drive) with over 700 military manuals covering everything from survival training and weapons manuals to medical training manuals to begin their resource library.

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